Wednesday, September 21, 2011

see that suitcase? i bought it at a garage sale & was DYING to use it on a shoot...then came along Jackie, who happened to have the perfect outfit to go with it! it was a pleasure doing this shoot cuz Jackie had the most amazing outfits...i mean who else would show up with a dress made of glass :) The light also was incredible that afternoon. i luv the shadow play it creates as u can see from the second shot.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm afraid i'm a bit behind in the blogging. It's quite a task to keep up with all the social networking :) Anyway, see the gorgeous hydrangea...i cut it fresh from our garden for this special shoot. i was so glad i did ! The family i photographed was SO incredibly nice & down to for the kids- have you ever seen such gorgeous little ones! i've learned over the years that the best pictures are the ones where kids get to be kids...yes, it took me a while. i was the mom who, when mine were little, used to insist on getting that "perfect" shot with the "perfect" smile in the "perfect" outfit. well, live & learn !